The whole purpose of this course is to bring you up to speed on how you can provide Cyber Security for yourself and your customers. On the right are links to all your tutorials and resources. We have broken the course up into 4 sections. Read the Introduction First and we have added a course on client acquisition for the beginners.

Investigate – Initiate – Educate – Finalize


In this first section we want to go through what our customer has in place to guard their business. We have a number of tutorials on the basics we have found in businesses.

Be sure to visit the private forum and ask any questions or make some comments to help your fellow consultants.


Once we have this information we can then look at adding software, hardware and policy to their business.


If they have any staff, contractors etc we can set up some education for them either live or with videos.


Now that it is all put together, simply go back and check every now and then and see that data is being backed up etc. This is the perfect time to show your other services like updating websites etc.

Business owners face additional challenges when maintaining online safety and security including expensive equipment, staff and sensitive corporate information. Online security is about protecting their information, which is often the most critical and valuable asset a business will own.

How much do we charge?

Its a hard question to answer because businesses are different and hence have different needs however below is our base price list we work off.

For a basic review of a company we charge $25 a computer to do an asset check if there are more than 4 computers and $100 for 3 or less flat rate. This is a check of hardware and software. On PC go to start and type system and then tools for all the info you need. Apple Macintosh

Antivirus Software we provide and get affiliate commission plus installation fee of $ $25 per computer.

Hardware and backup we get commission from installer and fee for storage plus installation. You can do it all yourself.

Anything else we normally charge between $75 and $110 dollars an hour depending on the business. If we do it as part of a website package we normally just do the $25 package/per computer in the quote. We charge this amount so we can bring in contractors and still make some money.

Having said this you can make up all sorts of packages and residual programs of your own. Web Upgrades, hosting  and content creation to name a few.

Successful online security within a business of any size relies on management support, good internal communication and individuals taking personal responsibility for their online activities.

Because we are helping to secure a small businesses from cyber attacks and do not have the luxury to use high end expensive software and systems we cannot guarantee a fully secure system. In fact even the large cyber security firms we talked to said baring unplugging all computers and being an absolute tyrant over any staff there was no way to completely protect a business.

The alternative that we are suggesting you use is making sure they at least have some sort of system incorporated with a good backup plan so if anything catastrophic happens you could get them up and running within 24 hours or so from scratch by simply replacing a hard drive. This works great for ransom ware.

We have been doing this for about 5 years now and training your clients to observe some basic security procedures and have a good backup plan will certainly make their business a lot more secure.

Use this course to set up Cyber Security as a upsell for your business, added value to say your web design business or as a start up business.


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