Over the last 20 years I have built a very successful business online and gathered a lot of Digital Video Training which have helped me learn the business quickly.

From website to software and then onto coaching and training the journey has been awesome.

I have a bunch of these resources listed in my Digital Video Training Catalogue on one of my new platforms. I invite you to have a look. Not only can you buy them at extremely reasonable prices but you also get a license to resell them and keep 100% of the profit or just use them for yourself.

I started off my online career in 1998 while working as an accounts clerk. I was asked to build a website and visited many bulletin boards and people would send through faxes. (old School)

The training helped me a lot and introduced me to a whole range of other products which I started to develop.

This catalogue will introduce you to a range of training and products you can use and sell for yourself or your clients.

This is mainly to introduce the Qoin community to these style of products. When you go to the site there is a Qoin option in the payments section.

Alternatively contact me and tell which product you want and I can send a QR Code which then allows you to transfer the money and I can then send you the link to download.

Digital-Training Videos

Digital Video Training Download 2.5 MB

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