Cyber Security Training

Over the past 6 years I have helped train a number of people how to initiate simple but effective Cyber Security systems as a business plus a number of small business people who have iniated their own Cyber Security systems.

Lets face it if the big corporates with all their millions cannot protect themselves from Cyber Security what chance does a small business have. The secret is not so much prevention but solutions if it does happen.

Obviously prevention is the first step and this simply involves keeping everything updated, some antivirus software and training yourself and staff about links etc.

Once you have done all this it is simple to organize your work so that if something does happen you are only looking at a few hours downtime and minimal expense.

Today we are opening our training program for free as I have recently retired and sold my businesses and not required to shut down the site.

So if your interested to start the course then simply click the button below. And if you like it feel free to give us a donation.

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