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Cyber Security can be expensive or simple depending on how you set up your digital assets like software, hardware and internet services.

We have provided Cyber Security for our clients for the past 10 years

In this digital magazine we will look at how you can protect yourself against Cyber Attacks and how you can recover if you do get attacked.

Obviously if you are a large company your Cyber Security requirements are a lot different to home based and small to medium business.

This magazine is mainly for this later group because there is little support or information for them. They also don’t usually have enough resources to be able to implement a high level security plans so we look at what you can do.

The key suggestion is always make sure your Operating Software has the latest updates.

Cyber Security has been part of our products and training system for our business for quite a while now and hope that you can get some simple strategies you can implement now.

Quentin Brown
Cyber Security

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