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Basically there are four main things to do to protect yourself and your business online.

  1. keep your device updated to protect your information
  2. Protect your accounts with two factor authentication
  3. Backup on a regular basis.
  4. Don’t click on links unless you are sure where they originated.

There are two govt sites in Australia that cover your Cyber Security needs and training.

Business Cyber Security and Personal Cyber Security

Our course here is free and provides additional information for both individuals and businesses. Initially it was set up to help people set up their own small business providing cyber security however the same applies.

The thing to remember is that cyber security can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Lets face it if govt and big business with all their resources and finances cant stop it you have no chance but keep doing the basics and be prepared.

The main thing is to restrict clicking on any links, have some basic security anti virus software and anti malware. We go into these in the course more.

The second thing is much of you work can be done online these days so if you get hacked or they lock your computer with ransom ware and require a payment then always have a spare formatted hard drive and and backup system in place.

This means if anything happens simply remove the infected hard drive and replace with the one you created then reformat the bad one and create as backup. You can do this for both desktops and laptops.

Backups can be done with a small system called a NAS

NAS backup

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) allows access to storage drives via a network. To ensure your data is protected, and that you can restore it in case of a disaster, it is important to have an adequate backup strategy alongside your NAS system.

Also backup off site somewhere like Amazon storage etc.

So that’s it, Keep everything up to date, don’t click on links and be prepared for the worst.


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