Cyber attacks come in many different forms however if you are a small business or individual most security problems will be caused by a bot or a link of some kind.

The reason is that it can be quite time consuming to hack into your system these days however if you supply them with the info  then it is a lot easier.

For this reason Cyber security is as much about prevention as it is about rectifying the problem.

Preventing Security Problems.

There are a number of ways to protect yourself against cyber attacks and even more against their results. So there are a few basic strategies hackers will use. website links, ransomware and email and phone links.

Website Links

All of us spend time searching for content for our business and our businesses. While not nearly as prevalent as before it still can be a threat and the best way to counter it is with some good anti virus software.

There are quite a few good Free antivirus software packages around plus some good paid ones. The secret to choosing a good one depends on your size and usage. For simple home protection free ones are fine however for more than a couple of computers etc then a paid package may be better.

If a link etc looks unsafe do not click it. This applies to all devices.

Cyber Security is more about being prepared rather than dealing with the problem once it arises.

Ransom Ware and Viruses

Your digital devices are all run by software and so keeping them up to date is probably one of the best ways to protect your information etc. Using old software or hacks are just asking for trouble.

If there is more than one of you then make sure everyone is educated and not clicking on any links as well. Also check any device that you come into contact with is scanned etc before allowing it onto your network. This is especially so for usb or any external devices.

Ransom ware and hacking can be very expensive however there are some very simple ways to combat it and we cover this in our Free training.

Emails and Phone Links

These two run hand in hand these days as many of us do work on our phones, computers and tablets which all link together.

Recently there has been a barrage of links in SMS trying to fool you into clicking on them which will then make you vulnerable.

If a link etc looks unsafe do not click it. This applies to all devices.

Things like your order has been processed click to track, you have won ….. click so we can deliver, you have been caught for speeding so click to view etc.

All these just want one of two things, and that’s either your payment information or access to your device and in most cases they are bots just trolling for a response.

Free Course No Strings Attached!

In 2022 there is a new revenue stream for you that will bring in new customers, revive old ones and let you help businesses owners protect their business from Cyber attack.

We share with you how we have helped many of our Web Site customers ensure they have a safe environment and also if anything does go wrong, how to recover quickly with minimal expense.

Can be used for Personal Use and Business owners.

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