Hi Quentin Brown here showing off my segway when I lived in Bangkok.

I started building websites in 1998 for charities and non profits.

In 2003 I released my first software product which was one of the first streaming audio products for marketers using flash.

In 2005 I released one of the first streaming video products for marketers which helped marketers add video to their websites.

In 2006 my business had done well enough that we started travelling and teaching underprivileged youth in third world countries mainly Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

During this time we created an online web business training program for them, and other students, which is called Web Marketing For Profit.

Cyber Security has been part of the training and I have now retired so opening up this part of the training for free and you can access all tutorials over on the right or if on mobile go to the bottom.

Web Marketing for Profit

At the end of 2010 we released the first mobile marketing training program for marketers and in 2011 built 830 mobile websites.

In January 2014 we started one of the first Cyber Security programs for home and small businesses.

This course will help you with your cyber security business by providing all the training and resources we have used. You can also use it to add cyber security for yourself. Even though we made it in 2015 we continually update to keep it relevant.

This is not a programing solution which large companies use but more of a backup and substitution process.


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