A New Era of Security

Course No Strings Attached! $10

In 2023 there is a new revenue stream for you that will bring in new customers, revive old ones and let you help businesses owners protect their business from Cyber attack.

We share with you how we have helped many of our Web Site customers ensure they have a safe environment and also if anything does go wrong, how to recover quickly with minimal expense.

Can be used for Personal Use and Business owners.

Security Audits

Updating software, installing virus protection and keeping it all up to date and secure both in office and online.

Vulnerability Prevention

Once we have established the curent position we can set up some preventative measures olus education of users.

Security Analysis

Part of the process initially is to determine where you or your customer is at right now.


Security Solutions & Services

As a Web Designer I had gathered a number of clients and in recent times they have been asking me to help set up a Cyber Security System for their office and online resources. These are not big corporate entities so it needed to be easy and affordable. So this course is more about deterrents and responses rather than attempting to stop Cyber Attacks.

 Cyber Security Course $10

This course is a culmination of a lot of research and talking with cyber security experts,


Our Approach to Security

When it all comes down to it if big corporates and large government departments with all their specialists and millions of dollars cant stop security breeches what chance does a small to medium business have.

Our approach is to assume you will have a security breech and so what should you do. If your setting up a business helping others with Cyber Security we also provide new business opportunities.

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